About Us

We are The Cooperative of Kilim Village Community Langkawi Limited. We are the official park manager of Kilim Geoforest Park.


Before the establishment of the Cooperative, the Kilim River Tourism Jetty was under the management of The Fishermen Economy Group. For operation purpose, the group registered a company under the name of KEN Makmur Enterprise. The company operated under the supervision of the Department of Fishery from 2000 to 2010.

However many of the fishermen were facing constraint as they were living in poverty. As a way to overcome the poverty, the fishermen decided to venture into business and this had led to the idea of establishing a cooperative as the vehicle to achieve that mission. After several sessions of discussion, members of the association and Fishermen Economy Group commitee members agreed to set up the Cooperative.

Following up on the establishment of the Cooperative, the management of Kilim River jetty was handed to the Cooperative. Cooperative members consist of villagers of Kilim Village and the membership stands at about 114 members.


To become a leading community-based cooperative and as a focal point of reference at the national and global levels.


  • Maintaining the mangroves natural environment, improving the necessary infrastructure and to stay listed as a UNESCO geopark.
  • Mangroves conservation activities through mangroves replantation and education.
  • Diversifying local tourism activities.
  • Organizing activities and programs for the community and tourists.
  • Working with government agencies and the private sector in the implementation of activities and related programs.
  • Provides good exposure to members and the community on ongoing basis.
  • Maintains a dedicated and informative website to promote Kilim Geoforest Park and to be used for reference and studies.


  • Provides employment and business opportunities to the Kilim community.
  • Improves the living standards of the community with incomes earned through tourism-based economic activities and businesses.
  • Reduces and overcome the problem of poverty among the Kilim community.
  • Produces successful entrepreneurs in Kilim community.
  • Becomes a successful community center that serves as a reference for other cooperatives.

Main Activities

  • Provides tourists boat services for exploring Kilim Geoforest Park (Mangrove Tour)
  • Management of Kilim River Tourism Jetty.
  • Sales of entrance tickets to Bats’ Cave.
  • Provides vehicles for hire.
  • Operates related retail businesses.
  • Operates Anjung Lestari Restaurant.

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