Cherita Cave

The boat jetty of Cherita Cave with a scenic view.

This two-chamber cave was developed within the limestone of Ordovician – Silurian (480-440 million years ago) Setul Formation. The lower chamber is a raised ancient sea cave. From the upper chamber one can get a stunning view of the calm turqoise water of the bay. Within the chamber are some strange formations of stalagmites and rock falls.

The curved walls and ceiling are pockmarked made by swallows and bats, which once occupied the cave. Cherita Cave is conserved by the Museum and Antiquity Department for the archeological artifacts and cave paintings. There are ancient markings on the outside walls of the cave, though faded through time and weather, are still eligible but yet to be fully deciphered.

A strange formations of stalagmites and rock falls, like the central piece of stalagmite in the upper chamber.
Geosites location map of Kilim Geoforest Park.

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